Our New Favorite Way to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet

We just love Philly florist Papertini’s unique designs.

Our New Favorite Way to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet

One of our favorite before-and-after shots of Papertini’s bouquet-preserving services.

So, yeah, we love this.

We’ve seen many a dried bridal bouquet displayed in a glass vase or a glass case or a glass dome and various other vessels, and they’re always pretty—they’re dried flowers, after all, and obviously, they’re more than that. They’re a pretty significant tangible memento of a pretty spectacular day.

But when we caught wind of what Philly florist Tanti Lina, owner of Papertini Floral & Event Design (you may have noticed her work in the gorg wedding of Tim & Ying-Lee in the current spring/summer 2013 issue of Philadelphia Wedding!), was up to when it came to preserving bride’s wedding-day bouquets, we knew we had to share it with our brides.

Lina is preserving wedding bouquets by turning them into custom works of art. It goes like this:

  • Brides send their bouquets to Lina’s Philadelphia studio to start the process. They can be fresh, they can be already dry—they can even be two or three years old!—so there’s no rush to get them to her the day after your wedding as you dash to the airport to make that honeymoon flight.
  • She’ll work with you on the process, requesting pictures (they don’t have to be your professional ones!) and details—from your dress and accessories to the décor, cake, and even invitations—from your wedding day, and your sources of inspiration to come up with a design that really reflects you.
  • Once the flowers are dry, she’ll take the bouquet apart—so that’s got to be something you’re cool with—and only uses a certain few of the flowers, painting, altering and embellishing them to create a piece of art.
  • There are currently two sizes available for her shadow-boxed preserved presentations—8×8 and 8×10 in black, white or natural wood—but she’s never repeated a design, meaning that no two pieces will ever be alike. You can also choose between a paper-based backdrop or a fabric cushion base for your final product.
  • You’ve got to make an appointment to pop in and figure out the details of your bouquet’s preservation with Lina—but you don’t have to have used Papertini’s flower and event design services for your wedding; any bride is welcome.
  • Prices range from $125 to $175.

We love the idea of keeping your bouquet around forever in non-bouquet form. Even if you’re the only one who knows what it is when you walk past it in your home, it’s such a cool, personal way to keep it close.

Are any of you planning to dry or preserve your bouquet in any way after your wedding? What did you have in mind?

Our New Favorite Way to Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet

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