Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Deciding Whether to Hire a Videographer

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Deciding Whether to Hire a Videographer


Asking recent brides their opinion on hiring a videographer for their wedding has been similar to asking new moms whether or not they use pacifiers for their newborns: It’s borderline political. Everyone seems to have a very opinionated comment; it’s either one of their favorite aspects of their wedding, or they’re happy they spent money elsewhere.

I was always skeptical of their real “love” for the video, though: Were they just saying that to justify their expense? The brides that declined a videographer bragged about the additional expenses they could afford like the mashed potato bar at their cocktail hour or the amazing dessert table they chose to spend their money on.

So, I took everyone’s opinion lightly, and began to list some of my own positives and negatives when deciding whether or not to hire a videographer. I also decided to contact the videographer my sister used for her wedding to understand the pricing and deliverables. It seems like most videographers are similar to photographers; you can hire them for part of the day or the entire thing, and this is reflective in cost. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a huge price difference between partial or full-day coverage.

I’ll fill you in on some factors that waved my opinion. One of the thoughts that made it to the negative side was the idea of having too many people recording the day. We’ve all been to the wedding with the photographer, videographer, officiant, 15 bridesmaids, and 17 groomsmen standing front and center during the ceremony with the bride and groom barely recognizable or seen through the crowd. Then, the cost: It’s another expense, and if you’re on a super tight budget it could easily be one of the first things to go, since it’s not a “necessity.” But there was a positive list, too: A video captures moments (not still-frame images like photos) that you’ll forever have to show to your kids and friends you meet later in life. The humiliation of your lovely dance moves from the night of your wedding will never, ever be forgotten. You get an insight into the day from another perspective—what was everyone doing when you were busy socializing? Who really had the best dance moves? Maybe you could even determine who had the best time (besides you).

But I kept thinking back to my cousin (and maid of honor) Colleen’s wedding video. One day, years after her wedding, we decided to watch it on impulse. And besides getting to see again what a beautiful day it was and what a gorgeous bride she was, there was the footage of my Mom-Mom dancing late into the night to “We Are Family” with all her granddaughters. It’s one memory that I’ll not only never forget, but that I can forever relive just by hitting play.

So, I was sold. We booked our videographer, and I can’t wait to relive our wedding for years to come.

What’s your opinion on hiring a videographer? Were you thankful you hired one or glad you didn’t add to the wedding expenses?

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