Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Booking The Perfect Band

Bride-to-be Blogger Stephanie: Booking The Perfect Band


What’s the number one thing you remember about a wedding? The foodies will claim cocktail hour. The fashionistas will say the dress. The creative, artsy guests will remember the programs and the centerpieces. What do I remember most about my favorite weddings?

To me, the sign of a great wedding is simply how many people flock to the dance floor—how many people are completely letting go of all inhibitions and just feeling the groove. They’re singing, laughing, twirling, sweating, and most of all, bonding with unknown guests seated on the other side of the room that they would have never spoken to had they not been serenading each other with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

The dance floor is a sacred area for me at a wedding. It’s where all the fun goes down, where all the moments happen that will create some of the best memories from the night. And what gets people out of their seats? A really great band!

So when the wedding planning process began, I knew I needed to first find the place and set the date. But step three would be finding the perfect band.

Just after I got engaged, I went to the wedding of a wonderful former babysitter of mine. She had told me that I would love her band, and it was indeed love at first sight—or first hearing?

It was cocktail hour. I could sense it was coming to an end, and I was excited to check out what was waiting for us behind the doors. All of sudden, Michael Jackson’s “You Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’” started blaring. Guests began following the sound, and instead of heading right to their seats upon entering the room, the music had them making a B-line for the dance floor. It totally set the tone. Frank Sinatra (and I love him dearly) makes one statement, while MJ makes another: it’s time to party!

A few fabulous songs later, we were seated, introducing ourselves to those at our table and watching wedding party introductions begin. The bride and groom were soon out on the floor for their first dance.

Then we were up on our feet again, jamming to some Katy Perry and Temptations—a fun mix of new and old—before the band announced that our appetizers were being served. The rest of the meal followed a similar pattern: seamless transitions with dancing in between each course. There were no strange breaks of silence but rather continuous music playing all the time. And after dessert was served, it was time for full-fledged dancing.

With a music selection that catered to everyone, the floor was packed with guests of all ages. There was never that alarmingly unpopular song that came out of nowhere and caused guests to flee the dance floor. And at 15 pieces with a horns section (my favorite!), the band was sounding so fantastic and vibrant.

There were five powerful female singers, occasionally making their way onto the dance floor to interact with guests and often busting into choreographed dance moves. The band played a few beautiful slow songs that pleased all the couples in attendance but weren’t in excess so as to exclude other guests.

Bottom line: The band ran the wedding exquisitely and efficiently, and they played an integral role in making it a total blast.

So as soon as I set the date at the Four Seasons, it was very quick call to EBE to book the L.A. Starz.

When did you know you had found the perfect band/DJ for your wedding? What was the tip-off?

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