12 Alternatives To The Rice Toss

And none of them are bubbles.

15 Alternatives To The Rice Toss

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As you may or may not know, and contrary to popular belief, the traditional rice toss send-off for the just-married b&g is not, in fact, harmful to our feathered friends: The USA Rice Federation and ornithologists alike have dispelled this urban myth by pointing out that migrating birds often rely on rice fields for food during their travels.

But even though it’s been OK’d for the birds, we love these 12 adorable alternatives to the boring white grain (or bubbles, which leave that gross film on everything), and just had to share. After all, well wishes should be much prettier than what’s in your kitchen cupboard, we think.

Paper airplanes, as long as properly assembled, will fly high above the heads of the newly wedded walking back up the aisle. Extra points for recycling programs! (Just slip instructions inside for folding.)

Confetti is, not surprisingly, ridiculously difficult to remove from the ground, grass, hair, clothing, and everywhere else it happens to land. The Ecofetti products available are water soluble and biodegradeable—meaning the next time it rains, it cleans itself up.

Butterflies, though they can be expensive and are most probably not condoned by PETA, make for a very magical, Secret Garden-y send off.

Dried lavender smells divine and is especially perfect if you’ve got lavender touches elsewhere in your day.

Plantable seed confetti (less fancily known as seed bombs) are perfect for the environmentally responsible and proactive. You know. As long as you’re tying the knot in a field.

Miniature flags are not just for the Fourth of July! Wholly customizable, they can be repurposed as centerpieces and later taken home as keepsakes.

Ribbon wands: Because part of us still wants to ribbon dance our way through life the way we did through the 90s. (Easy DIY; also available on Etsy here and here.)

Another DIY, these Kabuki Streamers are kind of like beautifully TP’ing your favorite couple. In a very sophisticated way.

We all love sparklers, but considering how much you spent on that dress, we don’t blame you for wanting a flame-free alternative. These Tinsel Wands (and these ones, too) imitate with glittery ribbon.

Beach balls couldn’t be more perfect for a carefree, fun-loving couple. Mini beach balls are a cute option, too!

Sprinkles aren’t only for ice cream! (Unless it’s raining. Then they’ll probably melt.)

Throwing airplane seeds is a cherished childhood memory. This Pinterester suggests painting the seeds to match your wedding colors. Then toss!

What other fun things have you seen to use during your send-off? Any of you planning on using one of the things in our list?

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