Don’t Believe These 10 Wedding Myths

Don't Believe These 10 Wedding Myths

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There are certain things that we hear all the time from both brides and vendors (though when it’s coming from vendors, it’s usually about brides) that make us raise our eyebrows. Granted, when most brides set out to plan their weddings, unless they are in the biz or were extremely and highly involved in planning a loved one’s wedding, it’s all new to them—but there are still a few misconceptions they have sometimes that surprise us. And that’s why we had to share this HuffPo piece.

From unrealistic expectations to lots of sticker shock, it clears up some of the most common myths that brides seem to have in their minds going into their wedding planning, and we think it hits the nail on the head pretty hard.

Any of you find any of these things out the hard way? Is there anything else you learned during the planning process you think should be added to this list?

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