Will You Make A “Fight Box” For Your Wedding?

Will You Make A "Fight Box" For Your Wedding?


This whole concept is not actually something that we are overly familiar with—nor is it something we’d ever heard about until recently, but here it is: Some couples, during their wedding ceremony, put together a Fight Box. They get a pretty wooden box, and put into it their favorite bottle of booze, along with letters to each other about why they love each other and how they’re feeling at that moment when they’re beginning their lives together, and then nail it all shut.

The next step? Bust it open either when they hit a rough patch, or when they hit some other designated milestone in their marriage (like a certainly anniversary), whichever comes first.

Personally, while we’re OK with the idea behind it—the whole better or worse thing, and making an effort to make sure you remember everything about the better, even if you’re going through the worse—we’re not too sure about putting this thing together actually during the ceremony. Maybe just together, in private, at home, sometime the week of the wedding seems more appropriate, or something.

But what do you think? Have you heard of this Fight Box thing? Are you and your groom planning to do one? Share your thoughts in the comments, we’re curious about this one!

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