The Perfect Bridal Ballet Flat for Your Reception

For when you and your 'maids have had enough of the heels.

White Rose, $295, one of the most popular styles chosen by brides. All photos courtesy of Tieks by Gavrieli.

If you ask us here at Philly Wedding, we say that you should be just as picky about your shoes as you are about your dress—maybe even more.

But every lady who has every worn haute high heels to a day or evening of nuptials and partying (and dancing, and drinking) knows that even the very best Manolos are tough to keep on your tootsies all night long—and, even gals who are master stiletto strutters are sure to admit they’d rather be wearing flip-flops by cake-cutting time.

The obvious—and unattractive—solution is to cast off the painful things and go barefoot. But barefoot isn’t pretty, and it’s certainly not safe—has ever a wedding endured without at least one broken champagne glass? And Plan B—flip-flops, of course—are definitely comfy, but not necessarily chic. So how do you maintain your glam without having to soak your feet in ice the day after?

Well, we recently discovered Tieks by Gavrieli, and knew we had to tell you about them. The L.A.-based company has created a modern, chic ballet flat in a tempting array of Italian leathers in about a bajillion different colors. The classic look pairs well with any length dress, and the simple design that won’t compete with your dress will steer you clear of potential “She was wearing Tory Burch flats moments. The best part: They fold in half to fit in a teeny purse.

So here’s what we’re thinking, brides: Why not gift your ‘maids a pair of utterly chic, insanely comfortable and buttery soft kicks to sport either as a reception shoe (everyone still matches!) or even for the ceremony itself? The company recently launched a great wedding promo that offers 20 percent off each pair when you order shoes for four or more bridesmaids, and you your own complimentary pair! You know your girls will be able—really!—to wear them again after the wedding, and since Tiek’s signature blue hue covers the soles of each pair of flats, your complimentary pair can count as “something blue.”Just give the L.A. office a call to let them know you’re outfitting your bridal party to get the discount.

Scroll below for pics of the most popular colors chosen by brides; prices range from $165 to $295.

Tiek Blue Patent, $195.

Diamond White Croc, $195.

Rose Garden, $295.

Cobalt Blue, $165.

Cream, $165.



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