7 Foolproof Beauty Treatments For Your Wedding

We’ve rounded up local beauty fixes that will not only get you stunning for your Big Day—the results will last well through that post-nuptial getaway.


Foolproof Beauty Treatments For Your Wedding

Illustration by Danielle Kroll.



The Treatment: Minx mani/pedi from Spa East in Nolibs, spa-east.netThe Details: Instead of polish, it’s like smooth, shiny contact paper for your nails, cut to your exact shape and affixed with a heat lamp. The Benefits: A mani lasts two weeks (it’s not even possible to chip Minx); a pedi, four to six. The Cost: $40 for mani, $55 for pedi.



The Treatment: Protect & Repair Resort Package at Laurentius Salon, near the Italian Market, laurentiussalon.comThe Details: Prior to your wedding day, you’ll get the Organic Color Shine treatment; the Absolute Repair Power Dose mask follows when you return from your honeymoon. The Benefits: Step one boosts shine and protects your color from fading or becoming brassy; step two soaks your hair in moisture and repairs damage from sun, salt and chlorine. The Cost: $100 includes both steps.



The Treatment: Energylift Facial at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, rescuerittenhousespa.comThe Details: After cleansing and toning, soothing gels are applied via paddles that emit electrical currents, to literally lift the skin and leave it looking brighter. The Benefits: You can get this done right before your wedding, since it doesn’t leave any marks or cause sun sensitivity—just a glow that will last till your plane touches back down in Philly. The Cost: $250.



The Treatment: Nufree soy waxing at Better Heath Spa in Conshohocken, betterhealthtanningandnailspa.comThe Details: Soy wax sets into pores and attaches itself only to the hair bulb—not the skin—to remove the entire shaft in a quicker and less painful way than regular waxing. The Benefits: It’s antifungal and antimicrobial, and lasts for three and a half weeks after your first wax and four to six after that. The Cost: Ranges from $10 for lip to $80 for full leg.



The Treatment: Customized airbrush tan at Metrotans in Bryn Mawr, metrotans.comThe Details: Because they concoct their own in-house tanning solution, the team blends a color customized for your skin tone before spraying you down. The Benefits: Your personalized color will keep for a week, and they’ll give you a list of products to use and avoid in order to maintain it. The Cost: First airbrush is $29; $37 after that.



The Treatment: Lavish Lash individual eyelash extensions at Rittenhouse’s Ursula’s About PHace, aboutphace201.comThe Details: While your eyes are protected with an anti-wrinkle collagen pad, single extensions are applied to each one of your lashes with medical-grade adhesive. The Benefits: Unlike most false lashes, these can get wet on your honeymoon, and will simply shed with your real lashes after two to three weeks. The Cost: Starts at $300, depending on the look you want.



The Treatment: KoR Whitening at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental excellence in Northeast Philly, pcde.comThe Details: You’ll get fitted for customized trays; then, after a “conditioning” visit, you bleach at home for two to six weeks, depending on your original color, and return for your “wow” visit consisting of three 20-minute sessions with caronide peroxide. The Benefits: One of the very latest whitening treatments, it causes no sensitivity and is the most effective—and the results are permanent with at-home maintenance. The Cost: Starts at $1,000.


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