Should You Sign A Prenup?

Should You Sign A Prenup?


There’s a good article on the Huffington Post today concerning prenuptial agreements and all that should be considered—both when you and your groom are trying to decide if it’s for you, and if you do decide to go that route—along with them.

They basically break it down into 1) defining what exactly is covered in a prenup; 2) what factors to consider when determining whether or not it’s something the two of you should do; 3) how to get started, and what it’s important that your prenup contain; and 4) how to go about a postnup, if you only start thinking about all this stuff after you’re married.

Not the most romantic of pre-wedding chats, we know, but still an important one for a lot of people out there. Are you and your groom considering a prenup? Why or why not?

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