Would You Base Your Wedding-Day Menu On Your Dietary Restrictions?


The food beliefs/allergy/choices thing comes up more and more when it comes to weddings these days, as couples take into consideration the way they eat in their day-to-day lives when it comes to designing their Big Day menu with their caterers.

We touched on it in the spring/summer 2012 issue of Philadelphia Wedding, when we had our expert, catering veteran Jeffrey Miller, fill us in on just how his company prepares for the food allergies and diet restrictions of wedding guests (not surprisingly, finding out about such things at the last minute is not nearly as helpful as being given a heads-up).

And this CNN article talks about how these days, couples are—or in some cases, actually, are not— choosing to extend their eating habits to the meals their guests will be served as they celebrate their wedding.

It’s an interesting topic, and we have to say that personally, we agree with differentiating between beliefs and restrictions when it comes to letting it influence a wedding menu: If you’re vegan for ethical reasons, and of course you want your wedding to reflect you, it makes sense to serve a vegan meal. It’d be odd if it were filet mignon, honestly. But if you’re allergic to gluten, and don’t exactly relish having to live your life staring a nutritional labels all day, is it really necessary to make it so that hundreds of your friends and family are restricted during your party, too? In the article, Philadelphia bride Jennifer Fugo actually uses just that reasoning, and for her wedding, simply had the caterer create a special gluten-free meal (including a vegan cupcake!) just for her.

But what do you think, when it comes to food ethics and allergies? How much would you let yours influence the crafting of your wedding-day menu?

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