Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Details & Wedding Bands


In just two days, we will be at the two-month mark, and things are truly starting to pick up. Last week, we managed to get all of the invites organized, stuffed, addressed, stamped and mailed without a hitch, thanks to the help of my future sister-in-law! (Oh, and Christian made us dinner while we slaved away—that counts as contributing, ladies). We’ve already started to get some RSVPs in, so I find myself rushing to the mailbox every day after work to collect my new “treasures.” It is a sad thing to admit that you are excited about RSVP cards, but it is what it is! We’ve also received a bunch of compliments on the invites themselves, and that has given me a little bit of confidence that I might actually be doing something right.

We have a pretty jam-packed wedding-planning weekend ahead of us. We will be taking a trip up to Radnor Hunt for a lighting walkthrough, and we will be picking out our linens for the reception. I will also have my camera in tow so we can take pictures of each room, including the bathrooms, because I want to be able to map out any last decoration details I may not have thought of until now. I am also thinking it might be helpful to attach a photo to each décor piece, so that when the catering staff goes to set everything up that day, they will know exactly where things need to be.

We will also be swinging by Bucci’s Jewelry to pick up our wedding bands this weekend! I am really excited to see how they turned out, but I know I’m going to be upset that I can’t wear my ring for another two months. Maybe I can just wear it around the house? Hmm … nobody would know. How does one fight the temptation to wear such a pretty thing? Makes me wonder if Christian will have the same feeling of urgency to put his ring on. I’m guessing no, but you never know.

(And just a quick aside about Bucci: they are amazing. Long story short, we had a major issue with the engagement ring that Christian purchased from a different jeweler, and because they went above and beyond, we decided they deserved our business for the wedding bands.)

Any advice for me as we hit the two-month mark? I feel like it’s going so fast!


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