Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: Our First Dance … Lessons


One thing Kevin and I are a little nervous about is our first dance.

It seems like many couples are nervous about the first dance, but for different reasons. Some don’t like the focus being on them, some aren’t sure which song to pick and some just don’t like to dance. Thankfully, we don’t have any issues like that—we are just awful dancers. Early on we decided that we would take dance lessons to hopefully cure our two left feet. We figured that this isn’t just something that will benefit us on our wedding day, but will help in all future-dancing events.

We had an initial consultation with the dance instructor a few weeks ago. We learned that our song, “All I want is You” by U2, is a rumba, and that that would be the dance we would be learning. The instructor asked us how familiar we are with the rumba and I mumbled something about Dancing with the Stars. After that, she quickly convinced us to upgrade our package from three private lessons to five.

Now, we don’t really think that a few dance lessons would really solve all of our dancing problems. This is just supposed to help with the slow-dancing part. As soon as fast dance tune come on, I will probably still bust out some signature moves, like the worm. (But, as usual, not before taking a small group outside, practicing the worm, and then have them convince me with a straight face that I should absolutely be doing this in front of a larger audience.) And Kevin will probably still keep his feet firmly planted on the floor while wildly moving the upper part of his body. I don’t think that any amount of lessons can solve these fundamental problems.

So far, though, the lessons are going well and are a lot of fun—and besides the improvement in our rhythm, there has been one other major benefit: the shoes! At our initial consultation, the instructor said that I should be practicing the dance in the shoes I would be wearing on the wedding day. Wanting to take this very seriously, Kevin got me my wedding day shoes for my birthday! I am so excited about them and “breaking them in” is motivation enough to keep up with dance practice.

Did you take lessons to practice your first dance, or are you confident in your dance moves?


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