Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: Planning Our Dance Party … I Mean, Wedding

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I’m one of those people who just aren’t really good at … well, things. I’ve tried baking, sewing, painting and gardening, all of which have been epic fails. I used to be really into sports, but have recently been referring to my sweatpants as “fat pants,” and only use them for things like lounging around watching Teen Mom while consuming large quantities of Pringles. I’m painting a very flattering picture of myself, aren’t I? That being said, it has recently been brought to my attention that I am actually good at one thing: Dancing like an idiot.

Yes, I’m “that girl.” The girl who will go out into the middle of the dance floor and start whipping out classics like the Sprinkler, the Carlton, and oh yes, the Thriller dance. Alcohol is not required; the dance fiend in me does not need “dancing juice” to trigger the beast that lies within. It’s all natural. I can’t really explain what happens—and I have no shame, so I’m lucky Christian thinks it’s awesome. (After all, I did manage to make him fall in love with me by doing the Sprinkler on top of a swanky bar in Philadelphia.) Recently, when we were on vacation in Sea Isle, a group of us went into an empty Shenanigans, and since the dance floor was wide open, we took full advantage. The next day, we went to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House and our young waitress recognized us from the night before—purely because of the dancing. I think that was my first and only 15 minutes of fame.

There is a point to this post, I swear: It’s my DJ post, obviously! Our DJ needed to be someone who could handle Christian’s unending wicked knowledge of music and my never-ending quest for the best dance party known to man. We needed someone who wasn’t the traditional DJ. No tuxedo, no radio announcer-themed bridal party announcements, just someone with a killer music library and the knowledge of how to keep people on the dance floor. We believe we have found our dude: Mr. Marc Fisher. I found his information through a blog post by our photographer. I figured if we loved our photographer, we would have to love Marc. I found a bunch of great reviews online about Marc and after I spoke with him on the phone, I knew he was a perfect fit. However, since I told Christian he could “handle” the DJ, I made sure the two of them had a chance to speak before any contracts were signed. As I expected, Christian thought Marc was awesome! So, the contract has been signed, the deposit made, and our music destiny awaits us!

Did the kind of wedding you want to have greatly influence your music choices? What was important to you when you were deciding between a DJ and a band, and what kind of act you ended up hiring?


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