Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: White Wedding?

Alyse is feeling tempted by white for her 'maids. Photo courtesy

If you want to hear others’ wedding style opinions, tell them you are thinking about having white bridesmaids’ dresses. In my experience, the opinions on this issue vary greatly, and are very strong. There are the people who think that it will “take away from the bride” and want the bride to be the only person in white. Period. Then there are people who have followed certain high-profile weddings of 2011 and reference the Middletons and/or the Kardashians when making their point for or against. When else has something turned from taboo to trend in such a short amount of time?

Now, I haven’t even gone shopping for my own dress yet, so the bridesmaids’ dress decision is still a couple months away. But I guess it is worth thinking about now, especially if I am going to do something as “controversial” (or is it cliche now? Thanks, Kim.) as picking white.

If I did choose white, then I would definitely accent it with colors, maybe a belt, and it would be short. So it would be different enough from my dress, but still accomplish that clean unified look that I think attracts me to white in the first place. Honestly, thinking about my eight bridesmaids standing in a line with the same color dress on, kind of scares me. It’s like eight of them, the yellow (or pink, or grey or coral) army, and one of me. If the dresses are white then we are all one. Yeah, I’m the long-dressed-leader, but a kind leader, who wants to be one with her people, not a crazy dictator who makes the people wear hot pink taffeta. Okay, I clearly need to take a break from thinking about this for a while.

What do you think, are white bridesmaids dresses taboo, too trendy or a good idea? I know there are opinions out there!


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