Bride-to-be Blogger Carolyn: Your Latest Blogger!

Carolyn and her fiance Chris.

Hi everyone! I’m Carolyn and I’m very excited to introduce myself as your latest bride-to-be blogger! My fiancé Chris and I are planning a wedding for June 2012, and I can’t wait to share the experience with all of you.

Well, given that we’re going to be spending the next year or so together, I guess we should get to know each other a little more intimately:

I’m a 28-year-old from the Garden State (Mt. Laurel, holla!) who has lived in Philadelphia for the past five years. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve “gotten around” a little bit during this time … Get your mind out of the gutter — not in that way! It’s just that I’ve lived in Center City, the Art Museum area, Northern Liberties and now, Logan Square. I’ve also given University City plenty of love, as I’m a graduate of both Drexel and the University of Pennsylvania. I am an oncology nurse recently turned nurse practitioner, and I’m trying to balance a busy work schedule with the other things I love: eating out, horseback riding, and, of course, Chris. Chris is a 30-year-old Temple PhD candidate from Delaware. He is a home beer brewer and huge sports fan. We may not agree on the love of beer, or even on the whole sports thing (I’ve tried! I just can’t pay attention to it!), but we work well together in so many other ways and he truly makes me happy (it’s only fair that I note here that Chris hates horses — just so we’re even). Chris is a wonderful fiancé and friend; He’s patient, loving, and kind to me … And he even watches all the bridal television shows I frequent with shockingly little complaints — so you know he’s a keeper.

Chris and I met four years ago via Since he is the only guy I dated from that site, I feel that I’m not at liberty to give any tips to those dipping their toe into the internet dating pool. However, I’ve been asked before what attracted me to Chris’ profile and my first answer was this: his proper punctuation and grammar. This is important to disclose, because it lets you in on how nerdy I really am … and how nerdy Chris is for completely understanding. See, we do have some things in common!

Chris and I got engaged in December of last year. I’ll let you in on the proposal in future post. Or, more poignantly, how I ruined the surprise of the proposal, in a way only I know how to do. Despite being engaged for several months, Chris and I are still in the early stages of planning our Big Day. After initially shunning planning (I believe my exact Facebook status was, “Carolyn is quickly discovering that wedding planning is not her forte.”), I’m starting to find my stride and enjoy it.

I can’t wait for our wedding and am so happy to be able to share the planning process with all of you! Do any of you have any huge differences in interests with significant others like mine? Or, more importantly, do any of your significant others tolerate your wedding TV shows as well?




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