From Our Sponsor: Toasting the Night Before the Big Day

Not eloping, right? So you’re probably planning a rehearsal that will take you and your wedding party through all the steps of your wedding ceremony. And that rehearsal, attended by immediate family and closest friends, is a perfect excuse for one last get-together the night before the wedding — the rehearsal dinner.

Your ideal rehearsal dinner might be a catered affair kicking off a long wedding weekend. Or it could be a simple backyard potluck that leaves plenty of time for everyone to get a good night’s sleep. Either way, you’ll want to use the occasion to celebrate your friends and family with good food and festive drinks.

Talk with the experts at PA Wine & Spirits Stores about the many options you have for wines to serve. They’ll help you determine how much you need, help you find a special wine to mark the special occasion, and get you something bubbly to get the toasts going. Remember:

Have enough to go around. First, take a look at the party-planning calculator at to determine the right amount of wine for the number of guests you’re having. Have a crowd coming? Consider impressive 1.5-L bottles, or magnums, of wine. These contain twice the wine as the standard 750-mL bottle, and are available in a wide range of inexpensive red and white table wines.

Buy by the case. If the wine you like is available in quantity, any PA Wine & Spirits employee can help you assemble one or more cases. Don’t forget Chairman’s Selections™ by the case — these specially purchased wines are typically priced at least 40 percent below nationally quoted prices. These savings let you serve a really special wine at a great value, and the more you buy, the more you save.

One special bottle. You’ve gathered the perfect group with which to share one important bottle of wine. Perhaps one from a place you know and love? A vintage with a meaningful date? Or simply a highly rated and coveted bottle, to mark the special evening? Consult the wine specialist at a PA Wine & Spirits Premium Collection store, or visit the Collector’s Corner at

Say it in writing. Delight your rehearsal guests with wine bottles bearing a custom label noting the date and the special occasion. These 187-mL cuties provide one to two glasses of wine and make a memorable keepsake of your rehearsal dinner.

Raise a glass. Ready to say a few words to your nearest and dearest? Offer a toast with a glass of sparkling wine — a fine French Champagne, if you’re a purist about these things, or a tasty Italian prosecco, Spanish cava or California sparkling wine. There’s a sparkling wine for every budget. If you’d like to kick off the evening with flutes of bubbly, look for a dry sparkling wine for your apéritif. If your toast will accompany dessert, look for a slightly sweet Moscato or Asti. Cheers!

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