Bride-to-be Blogger Leslie: Getting Our Wedding Bands!

Leslie's lovely engagement ring!

This past weekend, Charles and I did something that I had been dying to do for months: We picked out and purchased our wedding bands! This was one of the parts of wedding planning that I had been so super excited about for such a long time. It was a fun weekend!

For me, it was pretty easy because I knew one very important rule: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

I knew what I wanted before I even set foot in the store: I wanted a diamond band to match my engagement ring — but then, I also wanted a ring that would match whatever Charles picked out.

Yes, I wanted two wedding bands.

Here is my reasoning for this: I got the idea from my friend Sabrina, who did the same thing — and I knew I had to do it myself. I think it’s sweet to have a matching wedding band with my soon-to-be husband. To me, that’s romantic. I also enjoy this plainer ring because I am a runner and compete in many races all over the place — I am very active in general, and sometime wearing a diamond ring while getting my sweat on just isn’t going to work for me. So I think having another ‘everyday’ band is perfect!

On the other hand, I am a lady, and like I said before, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! I can’t imagine my wedding band not having diamonds on it — they are just so sparkly!

I’ll be able to experience another benefit of having two bands on our honeymoon, because I don’t plan on taking my engagement ring with me. We’ll be in Greece and in and out of different hotels, doing all sorts of amazingly awesome things, and I don’t want to have to worry about losing my ring. So I plan on wearing both my diamond band along with my band that matches Charles’ ring, on the honeymoon. They look great together and will be easier to keep track of!

What do you think of my two-wedding band plan? How did you pick out your wedding bands?

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