Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Productive Week

I’m not sure if it is due to the holiday hustle and bustle, or if it was just a fluke, but Tim and I had an incredibly productive week! It feels good saying we have completed so many things. First, we finally got those pesky save-the-dates finished. It was time-consuming, but very affordable, and the cards we ordered from Target worked so well with the printer that we have decided to also print our invitations. Only this time we know what we need to do, — and we won’t start so late. (Maybe we’ll even get an early jump on designing and ordering supplies for them!) I was on printing detail, and Tim helped stuff, seal and put on return address labels. In the end — after all the research, trials and tribulations — they did not print in my custom colors, even from my home printer, but they were close enough and we are very happy with them.

We also received the last straggling hotel contract, even though we had already “blocked” all the rooms we need from them and put information on both the save-the-dates and our wedding web site.

We are very close to finalizing our guest transportation; we just need a formal estimate and will sign a contract quickly. We have opted to provide coach buses for guests so that no one has to worry about getting home safely after a few cocktails. The same company will provide transportation for the wedding party. That means dealing with one fewer vendor, which is always a plus! (Big thanks to Tim for working tirelessly on this one for me!)

Perhaps our most exciting accomplishment is that our tasting has been scheduled! We were able to book this the week between Christmas and New Year’s, when work is slow and we can take a day off mid-week. We are very much looking forward to this, and to finalizing our menu. I think I have raved about Nage Restaurant, our caterer, before, and their food is just amazing. We also will have our cake tasting at the same time, and I personally cannot wait. Tim not so much, as he is not into sweets, but that just means that he will probably let anything go … within reason, of course.

Next on our agenda is to finish the last few items on our wedding web site. (Who am I kidding? We need to do this immediately (tonight) since the site is on our save-the-dates.) Then, we’ll have to dive back into our music and rehearsal dinner research.

In addition, we’ve been simultaneously working to get the house ready for the holidays, as we have invited Tim’s parents and sister over for Christmas dinner. This is the first year we will be home for this holiday, and the first time we are preparing a sit-down meal for his family. I’m really looking forward to having family to our home this year for the holidays, and hope it is a nice, cozy day where we can just sit around, eat, drink and enjoy one another.

We are, however, skipping holiday cards this year!


Anyone else planning their wedding during the holidays? Do you feel more productive or less productive? Do you have any new traditions this year as a result of your engagement?

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