Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Setting the Scene — The Music

Onto the next … The planning list does not seem to be growing any shorter, but there are a few more check marks than there were before, so we must be getting somewhere. The next item I think we’d like to nail down is music. Anthony and I decided to go with a DJ, since not only is it cost effective, but we can also entertain our guests with a wide variety of music genres, and hopefully make everyone comfortable and get the dance floor moving.

I think that we’ve decided to go with DiNardo Brothers Entertainment. They came highly recommended by both our venue and our photographer. They’ve worked at our venue before, so they know the lay of the land, and that was something that was important to us, since we’re actually getting married on-site, too. They are going to be controlling our ceremony music on one part of the property, and then the cocktail hour on another part, and then the reception at yet another spot. And since they work there all the time, we don’t have to worry about communications being crossed on the day of. They know what to do.

We met with someone there this week and they have a great system in place. We can go right to our account on their website and enter in songs we want played, when we’d like them played, etc. It will be great for a control freak like me.

The only problem right now is that there is one song we just can’t seem to find — our song. I’ve been googling “first dance songs” for weeks and can’t seem to find anything “us.” There are a lot of great country songs, it seems, but we aren’t very country. The lyrics fit us, but the way in which they are presented just doesn’t match up.

Did you know what your first song would be right off the bat? If not, how did you find one that spoke to you?

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