Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: Quest for the Dress (Part One)

My fellow bridal blogger, Jennifer, recently wrote about her gown shopping anxiety, while I have been dealing with a different type of my own dress shopping concerns. I really wanted my mother to join me in my quest for the dress, but both of our weekends were jam-packed, and seemingly, we were only free on alternating weekends. And she lives three hours away, so we could not fit in one appointment here, and another there. It was going to take a miracle for us to find a solid chunk of time to do this together.

We finally pinpointed a weekend we could both decline any other invitations and shirk obligations, and we put it on the calendar. I also invited my future mother-in-law to join us, and despite having plans this past Saturday night, she agreed to come along for the first of our two-day dress-shopping sprint.

Since we were going to have very little time, I did my homework. I poured over dresses in magazines and online, and I figured out what style I wanted (more or less) right away. I’m of a certain age where some dresses are just no longer appropriate, and I am not the big, poufy, princess-y type.  If I were getting married in the city, I would want something very sleek and elegant, but for the beach I decided that “the” dress would be very light, airy and ethereal. I did a little pre-screening, trying on some dresses on my own first, and narrowed our quest to five shops that covered a range of prices and designers. I plotted our adventure on MapQuest, drew up an itinerary, and even packed some healthy snacks, diet sodas and bottled water to keep our energy up.

Mom arrived on Saturday around 10 a.m. for our whirlwind weekend, and we met my MIL at the first shop. By the time we started, I was really looking forward to trying on all the dreamy white dresses, and I hoping to find “the one” on this outing — because we know it will be next to impossible to find another weekend that works for both Mom and me until fall! And most of all, I hoped that we all agreed on my choice and had a very special, memorable weekend together. I’ll tell you in my next post where we went — and how it went!

Are you having anxiety about dress shopping? Who did you invite to go gown shopping with you? How many dress shops did you end up going to?

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