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How — and Why — I Told My Teenage Daughter About My Abortion

From the Archives: In this column from 2004, the author revisits the most difficult conversation she ever had with her daughter.


Celebrating Independence Day After Roe Was Overturned Feels Hollow


Philly Photographer Describes Capturing History at City Hall’s Massive Roe Protest


The Ugly Philly-Centric Feud at the Center of America’s 250th Birthday Celebration

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Why the press didn't out James McGreevey

Judging by the shock-and-awe reactions of folks in bars and restaurants across the country, James McGreevey's revelation in August — “I am a gay American” […]

In a quest to find the best, our man devoured more than four dozen cheesesteaks in 34 days. The winner? Find it below. The loser? His digestive tract.

Among the scores of Best of Philly winners, perhaps the most coveted title is “Best Cheesesteak.” For better or worse, the cheesesteak is inexorably linked […]


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Having decimated the local competition (and built a house that's bigger than Bill Gates's), Vernon Hill is now preparing to invade Manhattan. Beware the Commerce Bank hordes!

They're shimmying into the Tweeter Center arena now, 5,000 strong, drinks in hand, silver New Year's hats emblazoned with wow! atop their heads, while the […]

se of e-mail by older Americans has risen 46 percent from 18 months ago and 20 percent in the last six months.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – More older adults are entering cyberspace — primarily for e-mail, according to a semi-annual report from United Business Media's (UBM.L) Mediamark […]


The photo on page 87 that opens “Price Anxiety,” this year's real estate package, is very telling indeed. It's of a guy, supine on a […]

Six of Philly’s Best Writers on How the Past Year Changed the City — and Us All

Six of Philly’s Best Writers on How the Past Year Changed the City — and Us All

After a long, unprecedented year, Philadelphia is still standing. We asked these powerful voices to reflect on how their favorite places in the city evolved and endured.

Jill Biden Is Exactly What Washington, D.C., Needs: A Philly Girl

Jill Biden Is Exactly What Washington, D.C., Needs: A Philly Girl

The First Lady’s no-nonsense, relatable strength — born in New Jersey and forged in Willow Grove — is key to who she is and why she endures.

Why Philadelphia Needs the Olympics

It isn't a pipe dream. It's a realistic goal that could transform the city We know what your first reaction is going to be: Here? […]

River towns should quit mopping and start suing. page 54

politics, floods  

Maybe the good news of the city's renaissance isn't all good, if it makes us into … what? Phoenix? Seattle?

A first draft of this story was sent to my two sons. One didn't respond, too busy with his movie. The other, a writer and […]

Terrific! Terrific! Terrific!

“Terrific! Terrific! Terrific!” By Lisa DePaulo On December 13th, Alan Halpern, editor of Philly Mag from 1951 through 1980, passed away. He made this magazine […]

From the June 2004 issue.

This is what $1,000 can buy you: row four, ringside at Madison Square Garden for a Don King heavyweight fight. Waiters hoisting trays of champagne. […]

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How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

The former municipal golf course at FDR Park became an indispensable natural refuge for many locked-down South Philadelphians over the past year.

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

Fifty years after founding their legendary Philadelphia International Records, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, with friends and collaborators from Thom Bell to John Oates to Patti LaBelle, look back on the musical partnership that came to define the city.

South Jersey's most powerful political boss, Commerce Bank executive George Norcross, has a certain style:   You're either part of his machine, or you get crushed by it. Can anybody stop him?

Turn south and you'll see the Tweeter Center, which has stolen summer concerts from the Mann across the river, so now everyone from Coldplay to […]

Sure, those Toll Brothers behemoths are tacky-oversized, ostentatious, architecturally clueless. But in a market where $400,000 won't get you past the front porch in more and more suburbs, the much maligned McMansion is suddenly starting to look like

The rich may be different from you and me, as F. Scott Fitzgerald insisted, but they still like to read in the john.This reassuring fact […]


When I was a kid, the arguments were endless. Who was better, Mike Schmidt or Greg Luzinski? (My buddy Seth was a Luzinski fan: “Now, […]

The redemption of Big Dig whistleblower Christy Mihos is already underway. Now he plans to use his burnished reputation to run for John Kerry's Senate seat.

It's standard operating procedure for a savvy salesman — especially one who wants his next job to be U.S. senator from Massachusetts — to end […]

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