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I Was a Virtual Teacher This Summer. Nobody Is Talking About the Real Reasons Public School Kids Will Struggle This Fall.

The digital divide is one thing, but socioeconomic pressures highlighted and intensified by the pandemic are creating new hurdles for the most marginalized students.

the headquarters of the philadelphia tribune, whose employees are not allowed to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic

This Philadelphia Newspaper Is Forcing Its Employees to Work from the Office During COVID-19


Why the Return of Sports Feels So Uncomfortable

Best of Philly 2020: City Life

Best of Philly 2020: City Life

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Baseball is officially in full swing — meaning yet one more season of high hopes (followed no doubt by dashed ones). Here, some selected shouts and murmurs from the past 50 years.

“They’ve shown me ways to lose that I never knew ­existed.” — Mets manager Casey Stengel, on the Phils’ 23-game losing streak in 1961. “It […]

Pulse: Chatter: The Appreciation: Jeff Lurie

Earlier this year, Eagles president Joe Banner lamented that folks in Philly don’t seem to have much love for Birds owner Jeff Lurie. “I can’t […]

Philly’s food czar eyes the Schuylkill

Is Stephen Starr looking at the waterfront? Bedrock Group, owners of the old Rosenbluth Travel building at 24th and Walnut, along the banks of the […]

As the mayoral primary hogs the headlines, three tight races for City Council could forecast Philly’s future

In a one-party town like Philadelphia, the May primary, not the general election, holds all the juice. But while the five donkeys vying for the […]

Pulse: No sale, T.O.

It’ll be a big commission, but Voorhees realtor Erica Lacey is working for every dime. She’s the listing agent for the region’s most famous (or […]

The Shadow Traffic guy manages to make morning commuting sound almost … pleasant. As the Garden State native marks 26 years on the air, he pulls over to answer some burning questions.

Why would anyone in his right mind drive the Conshohocken Curve at 8 a.m.? It usually takes about 20 minutes to get through the delay, […]

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

Love, Money, Sex, Cheating: The Real Stories of 10 Philly Marriages

An unfiltered, unvarnished look at what “till death do us part” means now.

Like MySpace, Facebook allows kids to “express” themselves. Here are random glimpses of some notable Penn students.

Tyler Ritter, Class of ’07 Not only does the son of the late, lovable Three’s Company buffoon John Ritter boast an impressive 500-plus Penn friends; […]

The 17-year-old pride of Wilmington won $75,000 on his way to being crowned champion of this year’s Jeopardy! Teen Tournament.

How did you prepare for the competition? I had a couple of almanacs — I was more worried about breadth than depth. I focused on […]

The members of Philly’s hottest new social set are young, cute, and dressed to the nines. They’re just not all toilet-trained

It seems it was only a Bur-berry season or two ago that we discovered we had to start strategizing shortly after Lamaze to get our […]

From the Editor: May 2007

Sometimes it’s cool to be running a magazine. For about 10 days in late March, I did little else but ask beautiful women to take […]

From the Editor: April 2007

I like to think of this magazine as the chronicler of the soap opera that is the Philadelphia region. Like any good daytime drama, we […]

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Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

Beyond Condoms, Cheese Puffs and Beer: How GoPuff Became Essential

The company is offering a lesson in adaptability and community partnerships during the pandemic.

Off the Cuff: April 2007

I realized I needed a break from Philadelphia when I was so fed up with the state of things that I started writing a column […]

Can Allyson Schwartz’s son help revive the left?

Long before Grover Norquist and Karl Rove became GOP superstars, they were trained in the political arts by Morton Blackwell, who now heads the Leadership […]

Off the Cuff: May 2007

I was away when he was in town a month ago, and by all accounts, I missed out on something important and highly entertaining. Norman […]

Smile! Candid cameras won’t cut crime

The Surveillance Scam

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