Josh Kruger Had Intimate Relationship With His Alleged Killer, Police Now Say

Plus, 4,000 cars block SEPTA bus lanes on just two routes in one week.

Philadelphia journalist and activist Josh Kruger, who was in an intimate relationship with his alleged killer, Robert Davis, according to court documents

Philadelphia journalist and activist Josh Kruger, who was in an intimate relationship with his alleged killer, Robert Davis, according to court documents (photo via Facebook/Josh Kruger)

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Josh Kruger Had Intimate Relationship With His Alleged Killer, Police Say

When police announced that Philadelphia journalist and activist Josh Kruger (who was a friend of mine and a former Philly Mag contributor) had been shot and killed at his home in Point Breeze and that the prime suspect was a 19-year-old man named Robert Davis, my immediate thought was that it was yet another random act of violence. Maybe a drug deal gone bad, considering that police found methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia in his home.

But as time went on, it became clear that there was nothing random about any of this. A source familiar with the details of the case told me police had accessed Kruger’s cell phone and found “troubling” messages between the two men and that the messages would “certainly change the narrative” that had originally been offered up by police, which was that Kruger was just an activist trying to help a troubled young man “get through life.” Then the Inquirer spoke with Davis’s family. They said Davis told them Kruger had been sexually abusing him since Davis was 15. The family also claimed that Kruger provided Davis with drugs.

Now, reports 6 ABC, the criminal complaint against Davis alleges that Kruger and Davis had been in an “intimate relationship,” as 6 ABC put it, and that just moments before Kruger was killed, Kruger can be heard on a voicemail message telling Davis, “I’m tired of you being mean to me.”

Meanwhile, Davis faces charges in a completely different case. Police say Davis is the man who fired a gun at a Broad Street Subway stop in South Philly after a brief altercation with a woman, who wasn’t injured in the shooting. That incident took place on September 25th, one week before Kruger’s murder. In the SEPTA case, Davis, who is being held without bail, is charged with aggravated assault and firearms offenses.

A New Approach to the Kensington Problem

One of Philly’s newest lawmakers, 7th District City Councilmember Quetcy Lozada, has a novel idea on how to deal with the massive open-air drug market that is Kensington: Use law enforcement, which is there already but doesn’t actually do much law enforcement. Sounds like she’ll get along just fine with Philly’s presumed next mayor, Cherelle Parker, who wants to break out the National Guard in the neighborhood.

Somebody Doesn’t Hate Wawa Pizza

Because the world is a very, very strange place, one of our most-read stories for the month of October was “People Really, Really Hate Wawa Pizza — For Good Reason.” But it turns out that I didn’t have to look very far to find someone willing to defend Wawa pizza: Philly Mag’s own restaurant critic. I just feel like I need to mention that he also thinks the Wawa Gobbler is awesome, so …

Reader Mail

Yesterday, I kind of took a shot at Kansas City. Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet released their list of the Best Cities to Visit in 2024. There were 10 cities from all over the globe, but only two U.S. cities: Philadelphia and Kansas City. So, naturally, I had to question the validity of any list that would bizarrely put a place like Kansas City in the good company of a world-class metropolis like Philadelphia.

Now, if some journalist in Kansas City had written the same about Philadelphia, throwing shade our way, somebody from South Philly or Bridesburg would have sent the writer a nasty email wishing cancer on them. But Missourians aren’t like that. Hence the following message from Jeff in Springfield, Missouri:

I’m a Montgomery County native, and will always love everything Philadelphia, but I’ve lived in Missouri for 54 years, and it’s very impressive what’s been happening in Kansas City.

Aw, Jeff. Your politeness and gentle nature almost make me want to visit Kansas City. Almost. But maybe we’ll see you again at the Super Bowl.

Local Talent

kevin bacon

(Getty Images)

A Philly born-and-bred actor is asking for the public’s help to find a Gettysburg resident’s missing pig, who happens to be named Kevin Bacon. A sentence I definitely never thought I would write.

By the Numbers

86: Years since Pennsylvania’s voting law has had a “comprehensive overhaul.” That’s causing some problems. (And this is probably a good time to remind you that Election Day is November 7th!)

4,000: Cars illegally blocking bus lanes along just two bus routes on a weekly basis, according to a recent SEPTA study. The agency says it might start using an automated camera system to photograph and ticket offenders.

11: Months that this unionized Philly restaurant lasted after unionizing. Eeva will close on November 5th.

And from the Snoozefest Sports Desk …

No games last night, unless you count Monday Night Football, an inspired matchup of the (now) 3-4 Las Vegas Raiders and 6-2 Detroit Lions. Many, many interceptions in that game. There was this good news on the Sixers front, though! It’s his first time earning the honor.

And OMFG, look what finally happened! He is OUTTA HERE!!!

Happy dance happening here! And if I show you this, I suppose it goes without saying that the Flyers played.

There’s nothing on the slate for tonight, either. Sigh. Hang in there, disappointed Phils fans. It’ll be spring before you know it. Winter first, though.

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