Philly’s Exciting I-95 Capping Project Is Finally Underway

Plus: Corrupt and contented Bobby Henon learns his fate.

a rendering of the I-95 cap currently under construction in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia

A rendering of the I-95 cap in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia (image via PennDot)

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Philly’s Exciting I-95 Capping Project Is Finally Underway

I know the phrase “I-95 capping project” probably doesn’t send a shiver up your spine or make you sweat with anticipation. But it should. Because the so-called I-95 capping project, which just started construction after many delays, is going to be a great thing for the city.

You know how I-95 and Columbus Boulevard kind of break up the Delaware River waterfront from the rest of Old City in an ugly and inconvenient way? Well, the I-95 capping project sets out to solve that problem by building a park above those roadways. There’s already a bit of a cap there, but this project will replace and expand that ugly cap and turn it into a glorious green space.

The park will be about 11.5 acres, stretching between Chestnut and Walnut streets and Front Street and the Delaware River. Here’s another rendering of what this will look like when it’s all said and done:

“It’s going to be a massive game-changer for Old City,” opines Philly Mag features editor Bradford Pearson. “They did this to a highway when I lived in Dallas, and it no joke transformed all of downtown Dallas.”

(Don’t worry: Bradford is not a Cowboys fan. Promise.)

Part of the project also includes a new bridge where the waterfront meets South Street, replacing the, in Bradford’s words, “dumpy-as-fuck South Street pedestrian bridge.”

Wondering how all this is going to affect traffic? Here’s what PennDOT has to say about that:

During construction, I-95 motorists will experience minor lane shifts on the mainline and adjacent ramps. Other travel restrictions also will take place on I-95 and adjacent surface streets — including Columbus Boulevard and Front Street, during various phases of construction.

Eh, I’m sure it’s going to be a clusterfuck. But it will be worth it in the end.

You can track construction progress and get the latest updates on road closures and such at

The Comcast Cable-Cutting Culprit

Remember how a bunch of Comcast customers in Philadelphia lost their cable service on the day of the ill-fated Super Bowl? Well, police say it’s this guy’s fault. Bad photo, but there’s kind of a Mario (as in Super) resemblance, no?

Is That World’s Dumbest Criminals TV Show Still a Thing?

If you’re going to lead police on a high-speed chase in a U-Haul from South Philadelphia all the way to Germantown, I have a pro-tip for you: Make sure you have a full gas tank.

Political Movements

Bye-bye, Bobby. Disgraced former City Council member Bobby Henon is set to be sentenced on Wednesday in federal court after his bribery conviction. He faces up to ten years. He’ll never get that much. Unless the judge remembers the time when Henon encouraged citizens to dime out their neighbors for having inflatable pools. Or the time when Henon was photographed working out unmasked in a gym when the rest of us were supposed to be following the rules. Or the time that… oh, well, you get the point.
UPDATE: The judge gave Henon three-and-a-half years in prison.

Meanwhile, there’s another mayoral candidate forum on Wednesday night. You can livestream it here.

Pride of Lower Merion

The family of Kobe Bryant has settled a lawsuit with Los Angeles County over photos police and firefighters idiotically shared of the tragic helicopter crash. I feel like $28.5 million isn’t actually enough.

And from the Hot-Bats Sports Desk …

Down in Clearwater, the Phillies trounced the Blue Jays, 7-2. Lotta hitting going on down there. They play the Twins today at 1:05. Oh, happy anniversary, Bryce!

The Sixers get a rematch after that disastrous home loss to the Heat on Monday; they’ll meet up again in Miami tonight at 7:30.

In college hoops, La Salle lost big-time to Dayton, 77-53. And Villanova and Seton Hall played a Jersey thriller that went right down to the wire and was tied 65-65 with a minute left. What was left of the game took about six hours. ’Nova, the best foul-shot-shooting team in the nation, sealed it in the end with … impeccable free throws, natch, 76-72.

Terrific game. These ’Cats have ice in their veins! Tonight, we’ve got Richmond at St. Joe’s at 7 p.m.

The Flyers also play.

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