Philly Prepares for Chaos Pending Outcome of Sunday’s Eagles Game

Plus, the Philly area to get its first indoor pickleball facility. And we may soon break a record for snowlessness.

a city worker installs barricades in advance of Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship game

A city worker installs barricades in advance of Sunday’s Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship game. (Image courtesy 6ABC)

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Greased Poles, Barricades and Street Closures: It Must Be the NFC Championship Weekend

With the wild celebrations that followed the Phillies’ unexpected march to the World Series not too distant a memory, city officials are preparing for the worst (best?) ahead of Sunday’s Eagles NFC Championship game at the Linc.

City workers have been installing steel barricades in the more popular post-game party areas, such as along Broad Street. Poles will be greased. (I’ve heard some have been already.) Police will be out in force. And we’ll just have to wait until Sunday a little after 6 p.m. (barring overtime) to see how this is all going to play out, how many arrests will be made, and how much of a cleanup effort will be required to deal with the mess.

As for street closures, don’t plan on driving anywhere near Center City after (or even near the end of) the Eagles game. Police plan to block all traffic from 8th Street to 20th Street and Vine Street to Lombard Street (that’s one hell of a big box!) beginning in the last quarter of the Eagles game.

Eagles fans: Be careful out there! And behave yourselves, even though I know you won’t…

Things We Didn’t Know We Needed

The Philly area will get its first indoor pickleball facility this May (at a cost of about $4 million), by which time I hope to finally learn what pickleball is.

Sew Cool!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, embroider, quilt or knit, these weekly events at the Free Library are for you.

Sleds Gathering Dust

We’re in a snow drought. And we are one week away from matching an all-time record for snowlessness.

Bucks County Continues to Suck

School librarian says officials told him to take down a quote from Elie Wiesel’s 1986 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech thanks to the school district’s new anti-advocacy policy, which was basically created to make sure there are no rainbow flags in classrooms.

Political Movements

If you thought the mayoral pool was deep, it’s got nothing on the pool of candidates or potential candidates for City Council at-Large, with activist Erika Almirón adding her name to the heap today.

Here is the list of potential candidates who have filed paperwork with the Board of Ethics as of last Friday:

Nina Ahmad
Jalon Alexander
Erika Almirón
Kendra Brooks (incumbent)
Christopher Gladstone Booth
Sherrie Cohen
Abu Edwards
Michael Galvin
Katherine Gilmore Richardson (incumbent)
Ogbonna Paul Hagins
Terrill Haigler
Jonathan Hankins Sr.
James Hasher
Job Itzkowitz
John B. Kelly III
Rue Landau
Ronald Frank Martin
Billy McCann
Amanda McIllmurray
Will Mega
Matthew Modzelewski
Drew Murray
Nicholas O’Rourke
Sam Oropeza
Daniel Orsino
Michelle Prettyman
Eryn Santamoor
Curtis Segers
Isaiah Thomas (incumbent)
Donavan West
Roman Zhukov

Whew! Don’t feel bad: I’ve never heard of a good number of these people either. Though Will Mega is certainly, uh, entertaining.

And if you’re wondering why you don’t see incumbents Sharon Vaughn or Jimmy Harrity on the list, the answer is that they still have plenty of time to get their paperwork in. And David Oh isn’t on there because he’s planning to give up his seat to run for mayor.

Trouble In South Philly

The battle over FDR Park heats up.

And from the It’s-Almost-Time Sports Desk …

Just a reminder that THE EAGLES PLAY FOR THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP at 3 on Sunday! The Wall Street Journal sang a fun (really! It’s fun! Even though it’s the WSJ!) paean to Jordan Mailata on Thursday. And lookee who was named the NFL Executive of the Year.

(We’ll, uh, reserve judgment on our opinion on that.)

While you’re laying in the green hot-dog buns and chilling the green beer and picking up your green crullers, there’s other stuff to do.

For instance, the Sixers host the Nuggets, complete with Nikola Jokic, on Saturday at 3 p.m. Some people think Jokic should win the league MVP, but those people are wrong. Oh, just in case you were wondering:

You know what you need to go do. Speaking of the Sixers, he’s pissed, and we are, too.

To console yourself, you could head out to the Eagles Drone Show (or at least look up) at 7 p.m. Saturday night at the Eakins Oval!

Turning to college hoops, last night, Drexel flew to Greensboro, North Carolina, to face the Aggies of NC A&T. The Dragons had things well in hand:

Um. The second half was not as happy.

In further news, here’s the weekend’s lineup. On Saturday, Temple plays at the University of Central Florida at noon, Harvard comes to Penn and La Salle is at Rhode Island at two, and Drexel stays in the South to play Elon at four.

Sunday sees Villanova pitted against the Providence Friars at the Wells Fargo Center at noon, which could prove problematic, since the Eagles have a little bitty game to play at the Linc that same day. (Villanova is recommending Wildcat fans arrive for the game before 10:30 a.m.) St. Joe’s also plays at noon on Sunday, at George Mason.

Yesterday, the Flyers played.

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