The Best Thing That Happened This Week: We Gave Thanks

It was a holiday unlike any other. And we got by.

Thanksgiving 2020. It happened. Photo via Getty

We’ll be frank: This wasn’t the easiest year in which to be grateful. Give thanks for what? Being alive? Being alone? Being afraid? Many fewer pies were baked. There was much googling of “turkey for two.” Or even — sigh — “turkey for one.” More Zooming. More doom-scrolling. Less stuffing all around.

On the other hand …

Fewer dumb news stories about how to avoid discussing politics with your nearest and dearest. Less crapola about which stores are opening at midnight for Black Friday madness. (Get a freaking life!) No last-minute trips to the supermarket; you’ll live without the goddamn cranberry sauce!

No scrubbing the bathroom grout. No five-hour drive to Grandma’s with two toddlers in car seats. No hauling out the good china and, inevitably, breaking a salad plate. No silver to polish. Not so many spoons to wash at the end!

No Cousin Billy getting drunk and screaming at the Raiders on TV. No Uncle Lou blathering about building that Mexican wall. No Aunt Nelly’s nervous ancient poodle peeing on the living room rug again … and again.

No gravy fails.

No tofurkey.

No new civil war.

Oh, sure, we love you, and we missed you. But every now and again,  you gotta shake things up, amirite? We’ll see you all again next year.