The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The “Tell Your Dog I Said Hi” Mask

At last, a solution to the can’t-pet-’em-in-a-pandemic conundrum.

we rate dogs face mask

Socially distanced walks just got better, thanks to this We Rate Dogs face mask. Photograph courtesy We Rate Dogs

If the closure of gyms, not to mention civilization, because of COVID-19 has thrown you out on the sidewalks of your town for exercise, you already know that what used to be the best part of taking walks — meeting and greeting other people’s dogs who are also out for walks — has ground to a halt. It’s been heart-wrenching to approach a fluffy Pomeranian or sleek Vizsla or big-bruiser bulldog and long to return its friendly wags with some good ol’ fur-ruffling.

But imagine how confusing it must be for these poor pups, who’ve been accustomed to their role as social stars and now are met with former friends who’re forced to give them wide berth. (Not to mention those sad reports of animals contracting COVID from humans.) No wonder our furry friends are suffering from weight gain, joint troubles and a lack of exercise. What’s the point of walking when your frantic advances to humans are continually shunned?

At last, a solution! We Rate Dogs, the social-media org that assigns (always high) rankings to canines of all kinds, has come out with a new mask that conveys what we’re all trying to say from behind those layers of fabric: Tell Your Dog I Said Hi. It lets pet lovers properly maintain social distance while still passing along the love in our hearts. We give it a 15/10, for sure!