Philly’s Undying Love for the Eagles, in 20 Tweets

There was a time when our fans might have cursed the Birds over Sunday’s loss. Are the teachings of “St. Nick” Foles getting through to us?

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees speak after Sunday’s game. The Saints won 20-14 to advance to the NFC Championship. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints brought the end of Eagles season.

You might think that Birds fans, stewing in the pain of that fateful fourth-quarter interception, would turn bitter. At one point, we might have been. But something’s changed after last year’s Super Bowl win. Even after Alshon Jeffery missed that pass and I felt a crushing weight on my soul, my heart was still full of love for the Birds. A scan of Philly Twitter told me I was not alone.

Eagles fans shared support for Jeffery — who was playing through broken ribs, mind you — and gushed about their loyalty to Nick Foles, the only quarterback to bring us a ring. By and large, they made it clear that they’re here for their team no matter what.

Make no mistake: We lost the game. But somehow, fans are still starry-eyed. Whether due to last year’s victory or maybe the teachings of our beloved St. Nick, we’ve overcome our brutal, bitter, rough-and-tumble ways. Eagles fans are in a new era.

Behold our new selves and our love for the Birds, summarized in 20 tweets.

Fans to Alshon Jeffery: “It happens.”

Sure, maybe some of our immediate reactions were to curse at the screen when the ball slipped through Jeffery’s fingers, allowing for an interception by Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore. But then we saw how defeated he looked on the field. And we felt for him. And then we read that he was playing through broken ribs, and we really felt for him.

Foles to Jeffery: “It’s not your fault.”

Us, while sobbing, “We love you both.”

Just like that, Eagles fans turn Philly Twitter into The Twilight Zone

Just really gonna reemphasize how impressed I was by Eagles fans’ ability to keep it cool.

Love for our Super Bowl MVP

Frankly, I don’t really care if this was Foles’ last game as an Eagle — not right now, at least. I’m just happy we got him, period — because he made me honestly, truthfully care about football.

An emotional Doug Pederson making us feel all the feelings

He truly is the greatest coach on earth.

The Temple Mascot Just Got Married, and The Eagles Mascot Officiated

Philly Twitter peacefully reflects on the season

And looks ahead

Because there’s always next year, people.