Trump Is Coming to Philly for the Army-Navy Game This Weekend

Expect even more traffic near the Linc on Saturday.

President Donald Trump (Wikimedia Commons).

Donald Trump is coming back to Philly this weekend.

The president is set to attend the Army-Navy football game on Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field, according to the Associated Press.

The annual game, which is scheduled to begin with a march onto the field at 12:15 p.m. and kickoff at 3 p.m., is frequently attended by presidents, who typically switch from one side of the field to the other during halftime. Trump showed up to the 2016 game in Baltimore when he was president-elect.

Trump’s last visit to Philadelphia was in October, when he made a speech at the National Electrical Contractors Association’s annual gathering, which was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Of course, there was a huge demonstration that snarled traffic. And protesters brought plenty of Gritty-related signs.

As of noon on Wednesday, a quick Facebook search for protests planned ahead of Trump’s appearance yielded no results. But because this is Philadelphia, it’s probably only a matter of time.

FWIW, Philadelphia is considered the traditional home of the Army-Navy game. The majority of the contests have been held in the city since it first began in 1890.