17 Cool, Crazy, and Straight-Up Weird Eagles Fan Tattoos

We wear our hearts on our sleeves … and elbows … and ankles …

Got a spare hour or six?

Go to Instagram and search “#eaglestattoo.” You’ll see exactly how committed Philadelphians are when it comes to their football team. Eagles helmets. Eagles logos. Lombardi trophies. The images just keep coming, and in a range of ways and places that will make you smile and gasp and giggle and wince.

Best part? All that ink is there permanently, because that’s exactly how long we’ll love the Birds: forever.

philadelphia eagles tattoos 3

Tattoo artist: Brandon Whistler, Flawless Victory Tattoo Studio

philadelphia eagles tattoos 9

L: Tattoo artist: Keith Reed, Xtreme Ink Tattoo (on Jordan Clarius) | R: Tattoo artist: Bob Kerr, Black Cat Collective (on Tiki Kev)

philadelphia eagles tattoos 10

Tattoo artist: C.J. Marie, The Tattooed Lady (on Tim Miller) | R: Tattoo artist: Uncredited (on Sean Collins)

philadelphia eagles tattoos 2

Tattoo artist: Jason Motley, Hero Tattoo (on Angie Taylor)

philadelphia eagles tattoos 8

L: Tattoo artist: Liz Glitz, Headlight Tattoo 2 (on Chris Stewart) | R: Tattoo artist: Dan, Kitchen’s Ink Tattoo (on Eric Davis)

philadelphia eagles tattoos 7

L: Tattoo artist: Tami Rose, 12 oz. Studios | R: Tattoo artist: Seth Mushrush, Baker Street Tattoo (on Larry Stella)

philadelphia eagles tattoos 1

Tattoo artist: Andra King, Haunted Hands Studio (on father Butch and son Butch Meisner)

philadelphia eagles tattoos 6

L: Tattoo artist: Charlie, Philadelphia Eddie’s (on Brian Kane) | R: Tattoo artist: Trevor Frasca, Golden Hearts Studio (on Jennifer Imperato)

philadelphia eagles tattoos 5

L: Tattoo artist: Justin Schmidt, Dreams Collide Tattoo | R: Tattoo artist: Kris Kolodziej

philadelphia eagles tattoos 4

L: Tattoo artist: Christifer Price, Price Tattoos | R: Tattoo artist: Ryan Schaeffer, Lost Soul Tattoo Parlour (on Stephanie Fritz)

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Published as part of “Remember That Time We Won the Super Bowl?” in the September 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.