LGBTQ Event of the Week: Raspberry Royale’s Church Show and Brunch

Plus other awesome events worthy of your attendance.

Raspberry Royale Presents: Church Show and Brunch this Sunday, June 12th at Front Street Drive.

This week’s LGBTQ event of the week is Raspberry Royale Presents: Church Show and Brunch.This Father’s Day, this elected performance troupe intend to “praise the names of all the Holy Fathers. The Sugar Daddies, Daddy Doms, Femme Daddies, Leather Daddies, Daddy Dykes, and those dealing with Daddy issues” with a burlesque show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Expect performances by Icon Ebony Fierce, The Deva Arazel, Lilith Von Terror and Priest, as they groove to the sounds of DJ Kno Picks and enjoy the stage puppy, Teeny Little Super Bry. Brunch and mimosa specials will be happening all throughout the event, so feel free to RSVP ASAP. The event kicks off on Sunday, June 12rd, noon at Front Street Dive, 10 South Front Street. TICKETS

Other events to check out this weekend:

Turn Up the Trans*mission!: 7 p.m. at Tattooed Mom, 530 South Street.

Picking Up the Ropes: Rope Bondage 101 w/ Sir Brian: 4 p.m. at Kink Shoppe, 126 Market Street.

Bradley’s Bucks, Archedream for Humankind: 8 p.m. at Frankly Bradley’s, 1320 Chancellor Street.

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