Wawa’s Secret Menu Gets a Colorful Update

Goodbye, birthday-cake shakes. Hello, rainbow bagels! (Here’s how you can snag one.)

wawa secret menu

A “Summertime Swirl Bagel” | Photo courtesy of Wawa

Wawa added some vibrant additions to its secret menu this week.

ICYMI, the convenience store first debuted its secret menu in April, when it offered birthday cake smoothies and birthday cake milkshakes for its 54th anniversary.

This week, Wawa swapped those out for two new items: “Summertime Swirl Bagels,” which are rainbow bagels, and “Summertime Sips,” a rainbow of lemonade options.

The secret is out: To browse the secret menu, click the flying goose at the bottom left corner of the main ordering screen. Then click “Enter here!”

It’s not clear whether or not the rainbow bagels and lemonade fit the theme of LGBTQIA Pride Month. A spokesperson for Wawa did not immediately return a request for comment.

Either way, the internet seems to love the new secret menu items.