Carson Wentz Confirms He’ll Attend the Eagles’ White House Visit

“I think it’s just a cool way to receive the honor nationally and be recognized,” the apolitical QB said before practice on Tuesday.

Carson Wentz. (Photo: Jeff Fusco).

Although the honorary White House visit of the Super Bowl champions will be short a few big names this year – Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, and Brandon Graham all will skip – the face of the franchise has confirmed that he will attend the Eagles’ scheduled meeting with President Trump on June 5th.

“Obviously, it’s been kind of leaked out there that we will be going,” quarterback Carson Wentz explained to reporters before practice on Tuesday. “The details aren’t fully available yet, so we’re not sure. I know for me personally, if the team decides as a whole, most guys want to go or be a part of it, I will be attending with them.”

Wentz went on to add that he thinks the custom initiated by President Reagan is “just a cool way to receive the honor nationally and be recognized.” Athletes have snubbed the Commander in Chief for various reasons dating as far back as 1984, when the reclusive Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird famously said, “If the president wants to see me, he knows where to find me.” It would seem, however, that the apolitical Birds signal caller never considered declining the invite.

“I don’t personally view it – I know some people do, everyone has their own opinion on it – I don’t view it as a political thing whatsoever,” Wentz said. “I don’t really mess with politics very often, but I think I will be involved in going to that [visit]. Again, the rest of the details will come out soon.”

As for the Philly faithful’s response to Carson’s comments, predictably a mixed bag of condemnation and support: