Greased Pole Climbing and Cannoli: Our Favorite Photos From the Italian Market Festival

In case you need any more evidence that the beloved street fair is one of the best in Philadelphia.

italian market festival

Photo by M. Fischetti for Visit Philadelphia

The South 9th Street Italian Market Festival returned in all its glory this past Saturday and Sunday.

Festival-goers stuffed their faces with the city’s finest cannoli, ravioli and Mexican mango flowers while watching groups of people with Crisco clumps in their hair grunt and grimace as they climb atop each other to scale a 30-foot greased pole topped with sausage and cheese.

Personally, I enjoyed the market on Saturday by trying every cannoli that I passed to find the best one. That meant eating four cannoli to determine that, as I suspected, Isgro Pastries takes the cake. (Termini Brothers was a close second, though.)

Here are photos and videos from other people who enjoyed the festival this past weekend, like Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and those who tried their luck at climbing in the famed greased pole competition.