Solo Travel 2018: Take a Break From It All

Find inner peace — or just a moment to breathe — at this introspective wellness resort.

Centuries-old sandstone formations rise up behind Red Mountain. Photograph courtesy of Red Mountain Resort

Pretty much every resort today has some “rest and rejuvenate” marketing spiel. Maybe it’s a morning yoga class, or a five-star spa. (It might even be as pathetic as fresh-squeezed OJ.) At Utah’s Red Mountain Resort, the talk isn’t BS. Thirty-five percent of resort guests head there alone, and while they do so for a variety of reasons — more on that later — they have one thing in common: the need to shake up their POV. After you touch down at nearby St. George’s airport, a gratis shuttle will whisk you to check-in. Set your bags down in a Dragonfly Solo room, then lace up your sneaks — the lava fields are calling. Start with a meditative walk through the river-stone labyrinth, where you’ll join a Red Mountain tradition by leaving a note that describes the struggles you hope to leave behind. Continue with an outdoor yoga or tai chi class overlooking Snow Canyon State Park — the red desert mountains, crisp blue sky and puffy white clouds will be a welcome change from your work cubicle. Sign up for an equine therapy session with wild mustangs, or join a retreat like weight loss or self-care. For those dealing with the hardest kind of change — the death of a loved one — the resort offers twice-yearly Transforming Loss programs. In between restorative hikes and spa treatments, psychotherapist Judith R. Burdick leads small groups through the grief process.

Speaking of the spa: Treat yourself to a full-body massage under a soothing rain shower — the nozzles are positioned above your table — or go New Age-y with Himalayan-singing-bowl sound therapy. Come mealtime, enjoy health-conscious cuisine at the restaurant’s communal table. Though it’s fully possible to schedule every moment of your stay, don’t. General manager Tracey Welsh says it best: “We’ve accomplished our job when a guest comes to the front desk and asks what day it is.”

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The Resort: Red Mountain Resort
Where: St. George, Utah
Rates: From $305 per night

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Published as “Me, Myself And I: Take a Break From It All” in the March 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.