Here’s Where You Can Buy Newly Legal Fireworks Near Philly

City lawmakers, however, are looking at ways to continue to prohibit larger pyrotechnics.

Photo by Diane Labombarbe/iStock

An item tucked away in the Pennsylvania state budget for fiscal 2018 now permits Pennsylvanians to legally purchase and set off aerial fireworks on their property – just in time for a drunken Mummer to lose an appendage down on Two Street.

Previously, only sparklers and small-powder fireworks were legal for purchase by Pennsylvanians. Now, thanks to House Bill 542, state residents can set off rockets with names like “Manic Explosion” and  “Cosmic Surge” without fear of repercussion.

The reason the law squeaked onto the books this year: the need to fill budget gaps. All sales will include a 12 percent fireworks tax in addition to Pennsylvania’s 6 percent sales tax. A portion of that money will be put toward fund that benefits first responders.

Three Philly-area fireworks retailers – Intergalactic Fireworks in Bucks County and Delaware County’s Phantom Fireworks and TNT Fireworks Supercenter – have all received expanded sales licenses to be able deal the goods to Pennsylvanians.

Lawmakers in Philadelphia, however, are looking to maintain the status quo and continue prohibiting these festive pyrotechnics. Mayor Kenney’s Office tells Philly Mag the city plans to keep a restriction on aerial fireworks due to the “density of the city.”

Philadelphia Fire officials tell Philly Mag that the head of the department’s Fire Code Unit plans to meet with Licenses and Inspections officials after Christmas to discuss what changes would need to be made to city regulations.