GALAEI’s Trans-Health Information Project to Be Renamed Trans Equity Project

The change reflects a focus on disparities affecting the most vulnerable within the LGBTQ community.

GALAEI’s new home at 149 West Susquehanna Avenue.

The Trans-Health Information Project (TIP), a program of GALAEI, has officially changed its name to the Trans Equity Project. The push for a name change comes after staff felt that the program can do more to focus on disparities affecting the most vulnerable within the trans community.

“I’m so excited to see the evolution of the Trans Health Information Project (TIP) into the Trans Equity Project,” said Nikki Lopez, GALAEI’s executive director. “The name change hopes to better represent the full holistic needs of trans and gender non-conforming* (GNC) communities in Philadelphia addressing that the health and well being of trans as GNC* persons lives are one component to equity. In the work of liberation for queer black and brown people, equality isn’t enough — equity demands that every person is given the tools, strategies and resources for success.”

Created in 2003, TIP is still the only program managed by transgender individuals for their respective community in Pennsylvania. In addition to providing the same services and resources, such as their client-based intervention service C.L.E.A.R., the Trans Equity Project still plans to address social justice issues that combat racism, hetero-sexism, homelessness, police misconduct, immigration injustice, and many others.

“When issues of equity are addressed, then resources can be directed in the most effective way for the very best outcomes and overall liberation,” said Christian Lovehall, program coordinator. “Providing equal resources to all people isn’t the answer to reducing the numerous disparities we face as Trans and Gender Non-Conforming individuals. We need to be intentional about addressing the underlying issues and individual needs of our community. And the language used to describe what that looks and sounds like is important.”

Community members interested in learning more about the name change and the program’s new focus are encouraged to attend their TRANScend: Equality vs. Equity event on Wednesday, August 16th, at 5 p.m. at GALAEI, 149 West Susquehanna Avenue.