Money in Philadelphia: How We Make It — and Spend It — in 2017

Illustration by Mike McQuade

Illustration by Mike McQuade

As the American economy (the world!) has changed over the past few decades — what with the recession, the millennials, a tech boom, the Uber effect and so on — our own personal economies have transformed right along with it. Pretty much everything having to do with money — how we’re making it, how we’re spending it, how we’re saving it (or not), even how we think about it — has changed. Well, except for this: We still want to know about other people’s money; we still want more of our own; and, for better and worse, it still makes the world go ’round. (Right, President Trump?)

So here, we take a wide-lensed look at the current state of cash in Philadelphia, from the jobs that are bringing it, to the people who are making it, to the worries that are giving us ulcers … and everything else affecting our bottom lines in 2017. And yes, we also sneak a peek at the neighbor’s bank account. (How did he afford that Lexus?) — Edited by Christine Speer Lejeune

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First published as “Money in Philly” in the April 2017 issue of Philadelphia magazine.