$227 Million Settlement in Fatal Center City Collapse

A lawyer for the plaintiffs reportedly said the sum is the largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania state court history.

A $227 million settlement has reportedly been reached in the 2013 Center City collapse that left seven dead and 12 injured after a partially demolished building fell and crushed a Salvation Army store. 

Robert J. Mongeluzzi, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said the sum is the largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania state court history, according to the Inquirer. It will go to the families of the victims and to the dozen people who were injured collapse, which occurred on June 5th, 2013.

Last week, the same jury that decided on the settlement found all defendants liable for the collapse, including the Salvation Army, Richard Basciano, the owner of the collapsed building, Plato A. Marinakos Jr., the demolition monitor, Griffin Campbell, whom Marinakos had hired, and excavator operator Sean Benschop.

One source told the Inquirer that the Salvation Army will pay approximately $200 million of the settlement, while Basciano, 91, will pay roughly $27 million. Last week, the jury ruled that the Salvation Army was most liable for the harm caused to shoppers in the collapse because lawyers claimed its officials were aware of the potential danger.

Marinakos, Campbell and Benschop will not have to pay, according to the newspaper. Campbell and Benschop, the only two criminally convicted, are currently serving lengthy prison sentences.

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