Here Is the (Apparently Leaked) Agenda for the Republican Retreat in Philly

Protesters might want to take note of this four-page document.

A screenshot of part of the four-page document in question.

A screenshot of part of the four-page document in question.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump and a bunch of very powerful Republicans are descending upon Philadelphia this week for a retreat at the Loews Hotel at 1200 Market Street. But what has been kept under wraps was the official schedule for the entire event. After all, at such a high security get-together, you probably don’t want everyone in the world to know exactly what time everything is happening and exactly in which sections of the hotel. Well …

Someone has apparently leaked an official copy of the agenda for the retreat. It’s a four-page document that we first saw published on the Facebook page of protest group The People United USA, which included the comment, “Need more help figuring out where to protest?”

Kathryn McQuade, the official spokesperson and event coordinator for the House Republican Conference, could not be reached for comment, but the information in the document does align with what we do know to be true so far. The website Politico published some of the details for today’s session this morning. The protest group did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the document.

Below, the full document as published by The People United USA. (We just love the fact that the Wifi password for some of the most powerful people in the world is “retreat.”)

Republican Philadelphia Retreat Agenda 2017 by PhiladelphiaMagazine on Scribd