WATCH: Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Philly Rep. Dwight Evans Argue About the Inauguration Boycott

Evans pretty much just laughs at Carlson throughout the entire interview.

Philly congressman Dwight Evans is one of more than 60 Democrats boycotting president-elect Donald Trump‘s inauguration this weekend, and Fox’s Tucker Carlson of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” recently invited him on his show to argue about it. 

The result is a somewhat amusing and somewhat painful-to-watch interview, during which Evans mostly just laughs at Carlson’s relentless questioning. Evans begins by explaining that he doesn’t want to attend the inauguration because he doesn’t agree with Trump’s stance on the Affordable Care Act, he’s concerned about Russia’s involvement in the election, and he condemns Trump’s recent Twitter attack on Georgia Rep. John Lewis, a celebrated icon of the Civil Rights Movement.

“So basically, look, at the end of the day, the president-elect will be sworn in, but this is an opportunity for me to send a message that I’m not happy or satisfied,” Evans said.

Carlson tells Evans that he understands his reasoning for boycotting the inauguration, but the discussion quickly gets heated when Carlson brings up Trump’s “New Deal for Black America” and Evans tells him he’s never read it.

“Why wouldn’t you have seen that?” Carlson asks. “You represent a majority black district. [Trump] has a very specific plan for black Americans. Don’t you think you should’ve read that? … It’s on the internet.”

Evans retorts by saying that the plan “hasn’t come up for a vote in the House. You’re just saying he has a plan … You want me tell you what he specifically said to the black community?”

“No, because you haven’t even read the document,” Carlson replies.

The full video is available on Youtube.

Carlson, who replaced Fox host Megyn Kelly, has received a lot of flak for his contentious recent interview with Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, whom he criticized for her political coverage before telling her she should “stick to [writing about] thigh-high boots, you’re better at that.”

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