Local Reps. Join Democrats Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration

Reps. Boyle, Evans and Brady join more than 40 politicians nationwide rallying behind Rep. John Lewis, who announced on Friday that he wouldn't attend the inauguration.

State Rep. Dwight Evans

State Rep. Dwight Evans

A number of Pennsylvania legislators have joined Philly Rep. Dwight Evans and more than two dozen Democratic members of Congress who plan to boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. 

The boycott follows a feud between Trump and Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, a highly regarded civil rights icon who has said he won’t be attending the inauguration and that he believes Trump is not a “legitimate president.”

Trump quickly fired back at Lewis on Twitter on Saturday:

Since Trump’s outburst, a number of politicians have announced their support of Lewis and their plans to follow in his footsteps, through both official statements and tweets, generally with the hashtag “IStandWithJohnLewis.”

Evans was the first member of Philadelphia’s — and Pennsylvania’s — congressional delegation to announce that he’ll be skipping the inauguration. Yesterday, Rep. Brendan Boyle announced in a Facebook post that he will also join the boycott.

“The election of Donald Trump presents a challenge to my long held view of presidential inaugurations,” Boyle wrote. “As much as I cherish this day, can I in good conscience celebrate that which I believe is a grave mistake? Can I sit by mere yards away and applaud the desecration of the most important office in the history of the world?”
“I accept the decision of the people,” he added. “I respect it. But I will not celebrate it.’
Rep. Robert Brady, who chairs the city’s Democratic Party, told reporters he would also boycott the inauguration.

A spokesperson for Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey said he plans to attend the inauguration.

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