Code Blue Declared for Philadelphia This Weekend

If you see anyone who appears to be homeless, call the outreach hotline at 215-232-1984.

The first big chill of the season is upon us.

Philadelphia authorities have issued a Code Blue for the whole weekend; temperatures are expected to be as low as 26 degrees at one point.

If you see anyone who appears to be homeless during a Code Blue, the city asks you call the Project HOME homeless outreach hotline at 215-232-1984.

As of Friday afternoon, it’s in the high 30s, but it feels like 32. Forecasts say it’s going to be about the same all weekend, with lows in the mid-20s.

During a Code Blue, the city and Project HOME run a 24-hour outreach to transport those who are homeless to safe indoor spaces. It also opens all available beds in the emergency housing network and allows the homeless to stay inside that emergency housing all day.

A Code Blue is automatically declared in the city when the National Weather Service predicts a wind chill temperature of 20 degrees or below or precipitation with temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill should push “feels like” temperatures below 20 this weekend.

The chill, thankfully, won’t last for too long. By Monday, it will be in the 50s.