Delco Neighbors “Frightened” After Racist Letter Found on Cars

It’s addressed to "America's White Female Voters" and says immigrants from Mexico "no speak da English.”

Last Friday began as any other Friday for Delaware County resident Jonathan Larsen — that is until he walked out in front of his house and found a piece of paper on his windshield.

“I picked it up thinking it was trash,” Larsen tells us. “But then I opened it up.”

What Larsen found inside was a poorly written memorandum addressed to “America’s White Female Voters.”

You can read the full memo at the bottom of this story, but suffice to say that it contains all sorts of anti-immigrant, anti–Hillary Clinton rhetoric and closes with a line right out of the Ku Klux Klan playbook: “In 2016 we need to vote American, we need to vote Christian, we need to vote white and we need to vote the Obama regime out of office everyone of them.”

Larsen says he was shocked.

“The hateful nature of the speech went beyond the standard political advertisement,” he observes. “There was no party or sponsor for the message listed. Instead, it was anonymous hate speech that was put on our cars. It got me pretty riled up.”

Larsen called his wife, Kristin Larsen, who got on the phone with neighbors and others in the community and found that the Larsens weren’t the only family to get the note.

The racist memorandum turned up on car windshields all around their Oakmont neighborhood in Havertown, part of Haverford Township in Delaware County. (Philly Mag spoke with two other local residents who said they were frightened after receiving the letter; they asked to remain nameless.)

“I was completely afraid,” says Kristin Larsen. “I’m afraid that there are people around us with these views and they feel comfortable enough given the climate to share those views. And then, of course, I began to become suspicious. Did these come from my neighbors?”

Rachel Amdur, the vice-chair of the Haverford Township Democratic Party, wasn’t quite as surprised as the Larsens.

“They live in a neighborhood with a lot of Trump signs,” Amdur says. “It’s sad, but it’s not shocking.”

Amdur points out that certain pockets of Delaware County have become increasingly tense. Historically, the county has been Republican in terms of the people who hold office there, but Democrats have been gaining momentum, and Amdur says that Democrats now outnumber Republicans in the township by about 1,000.

“This is the last bastion of the good ol’ boys,” she says. “If you want a job in this county, you better be Republican. If you want a promotion, your parents better be Republican too. But the Dems are making inroads, and it’s tense. I’ve never seen it as bad as it is now. That said, I’ve been involved with the Dems here for 20 years, and my house has not been egged, no one has been mean to me. My neighbors talk to me, albeit somewhat suspiciously.”

Below, the full, unedited memo:

Memo to America’s White Female Voters

Your vote in 2016 could determine our future for years to come, some candidates are seeking the African American vote and others are seeking the Hispanic vote by offering freebies, entitlements, citizenship, voting privleges, drivers licenses with or without insurance.

The white female vote is taking for granted so they don’t have to appeal to you or offer any incentive to get your vote, let me tell you your vote is very important for your father, your husband, your son, your brother, your grandson, your nephew, your uncle, your neighbor and most of all for you and your entire family.

A comment has been made that 50,000 Hispanic children reach voting age every year in the United States, in ten years that will be 500,000 and in twenty years well over a million. Stop and think when the Hispanic vote reaches those proportions it will decide elections and no need to explain to you how that will effect future generations of our children and our grandchildren as the Hispanic loyalty is not to America but their country of origin.

The immigrants coming from Mexico and all Spanish speaking countries are not engineers they are not scientist, they are not architects, they are not technology experts they are poor, no job skills other than grass cutting, fruit pickers, car washers and no speak da English and many with criminal history. Most come for alll the free stuff Obama offers. In Texas alone over the years there have been over 600,000 criminal acts committed by Mexican immigrants, you remember Kate Steinle gunned down as she walked with her father and her last words were “help me dad”. To make matters worse Obama is bringing In thousands of Syrian Muslims/terrorist.

Not one Democrat candidate has mentioned anything about securing the borders and the reason they do not is they do not want to jeapordize the Hispanic vote that they are counting on that’s right the Hispanic vote not the white female vote that is important.

Hillary Clinton seems to be the leading Democrat candidate and I ask you to name any of Hillary’s accomplishments since she has been in political circles, she was fired from one of her first jobs for being a liar and when first lady of Arkansas involved in the Whitewater scandal with then Governor Bill Clinton and tells us when they left the White House they were dead broke. Benghazi a complete and total failure and lying as to the reason our embassy was attacked and four Americans killed as they were denied six hundred times to received additional security services.

In 2016 we need to vote American, we need to vote Christian, we need to vote white and we need to vote the Obama regime out of office everyone of them.