Eagles Troll the NFL’s New Social Media Policy

The NFL instituted new social media rules that threatens to fine teams up to $100,000 for violations. The Eagles mocked the new rules.

Last week, news broke of the NFL’s new rules for social media, which went into effect last Wednesday. The rules prohibit teams from using video or GIFs during games and restrict the streaming of press conferences. Teams are also limited to retweeting the official NFL account for game highlights, and can post a maximum of 45 videos and/or animated GIFs on non-game days.

The NFL says the rules were developed in the summer, but many see them as a response to slightly sagging ratings this year, saying the league wants to control how fans see the games. Fines are $25,000 for a first offense, $50,000 for a second offense, and $100,000 for third and further offenses.

Following the new rules, the Eagles did not post any game highlights during a 27–20 loss to Washington yesterday. But after Malcolm Jenkins returned a Kirk Cousins interception for a touchdown to tie the game at 14, the Eagles had a bit of fun with the new policy.

Yes, the Eagles tweeted an electric football version of Jenkins’ interception, complete with a hand dropping a card with the word “interception” on it, and a paper football. Very funny! Per her Twitter, the hand model was Eagles digital platforms manager Samantha Wood. (She declined comment to Philadelphia magazine.) This is probably the funniest thing the Eagles have ever done on social media.

Other teams, including the Panthers and the Browns, trolled the NFL’s new social media rules too — but none were as great as the Eagles’ version.

Unfortunately, the Eagles’ offense couldn’t get into the end zone yesterday — and many more electric football scenarios went unused. “And one day I hope you see all the other scenarios we created. Some gems in there,” Wood tweeted. Yes, hopefully the Eagles can score an offensive touchdown next week.