The Best Thing That Happened This Week: An End to the Summer From Hell

We’ve never, ever been so ready for back-to-school.

There have been, in our lives, summers we look back on fondly. The summer on the verge of concluding won’t be one of them. Allow us to refresh your memory: Bike warsKids getting shotLane Johnson suspended. The DNCSeth Williams overlooking a few things. Kathleen KaneBruce fucking Castor. SEPTA’s SilverlinersHillary’s emailsDonald’s wallJoel’s foot. Bill Cosby. Dead fish. Dead flipboard. A farewell to Carlos RuizThis clownPokemon Go. That hipsters-dressed-in-white thing. The Rizzo Wars. A sports championship at last — one that nobody cares about. A meltdown on North Broad. Dwayne from Swedesboro. The FBI and Johnny DocHeatMore heat. God, what is with this damned heat? Come on, Hermine, ruin our Labor Day weekend — and blow this sorry season the hell out of here.

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