Amtrak Is Removing the Departures Flipboard Inside 30th Street Station

The historic flipboard, one of the few left on the East Coast, is being phased out for a digital model.

The giant flipboard that’s sat in the center of 30th Street Station for three decades and faithfully alerted passengers of train departures is being phased out for a newer, digital model.

Amtrak will replace the Solari Board, named after an Italian designer, with a digital board that is easier for commuters to read and less costly and time-consuming to repair, Amtrak spokesman Mike Tobert said. The timeline for the implementation of the digital sign has not yet been determined.

Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station is one of the only major East Coast train stations to still use the Solari board. According to Billy Penn, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is eyeing the board for preservation.

Newark and New York’s Penn Station have recently made the switch to digital, much to the dismay of saddened passengers who consider the signs an inalienable part of railroad travel. Such is the reaction, unsurprisingly, in Philly.

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