Behold the Trump Tree: A Pa. Woman Covered Her Evergreen in Trump Signs

It's sort of like a Trump Christmas tree, in middle of the summer. It's quite a sight to behold.

Trump Tree Courtesy of Matt Petrillo of WNEP

Trump Tree Courtesy Matt Petrillo of WNEP

Don’t think enough people are seeing your Trump yard signs? Want to raise them higher for the world to see? Here’s an idea: Stick them all over the tallest tree in your yard, and throw an American flag on top while you’re at it.

It’s what one Pennsylvania woman did, and it certainly makes for quite a sight. It’s like a sort of Trump Christmas tree, only in the middle of the summer. In fact, she calls it the “Trump Tree,” and it’s probably the first of its kind.

The woman who made the tree, Barbara Krashnak of Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, was interviewed yesterday by Matt Petrillo of WNEP.

Petrillo posted a Facebook video of the tree, which is located off Route 309. The evergreen is decked out in homemade Trump signs, equipped with sparkly blue and red paint, two American flags and lights to illuminate it throughout the night.

Krashnak said the tree has received a lot of positive feedback from her neighbors, who apparently brandish quite a few Trump signs themselves.

“They’re really inspired to see it and they’re glad to see it,” Ray Okrasinski, Krashnak’s neighbor, says in the video. “It’s unusual. Six people a day stop and take pictures. At least six people.”

Krashnak says in the video that the hardest part of putting it all together was getting the flags to the top of the tree.

“I hate going up that tree,” she says toward the end of the video. “I’ve got to go up the middle like a squirrel.”

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