Here Is Donald Trump’s First Philly General Election Ad

It’s about immigration and national security.

If you’ve watched TV this summer, no doubt you’ve seen a series of ads from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. (The best is an old clip from David Letterman about Trump’s clothing line being made in China and Bangladesh.) But, until now, Trump has not aired any general election ads on TV.

He’ll begin now. NBC News reports today Trump begins running ads in four states. He’s spending $4 million overall, with $984,000 in Pennsylvania and $530,000 in Philadelphia. This is a fraction of the $61 million the Clinton camp has spent on ads so far.

Trump’s first general-election ad focuses on immigration and national security. The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent called it “an ugly and dishonest production which shows he isn’t changing a thing.” It is similar to an ad he ran before the Iowa caucuses in February.

The Hillary campaign sent out a statement in response to Trump’s ad: “From his divisive rhetoric to his erratic efforts to alienate our allies to his dangerous plans, Donald Trump has made our country less safe already,” Deputy Communications Director Christina Reynolds said in the release. “He is temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be commander in chief. No misleading ad can change the fact that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with the experience and judgment to lead the country and keep our families safe.”

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