WATCH: Eagles Fans Already Booing QB Carson Wentz

New Eagles QB Carson Wentz didn’t sign any autographs after he arrived at PHL today. One fan booed him as a result. Welcome to Philadelphia!

The Eagles selected Carson Wentz with the second overall pick in the NFL Draft last night, and Birds 24/7 has exhaustive analysis. (We even sent Josh Panuil to Bismark, North Dakota!)

But how did Wentz’s first trip to Philadelphia as a member of the Eagles go? Well …

The scene: Wentz arrives at PHL Airport earlier this afternoon. A pack of reporters was there to greet him, including CBS 3 Sports Director Don Bell, who broadcast the above video live on Facebook. Also in attendance were a few Eagles fans, who immediately went up to the 23-year-old Eagles QB of the future and asked him for an autograph.

Then things got, um, silly.

A few people asked him for autographs. Repeatedly. They asked him so much that one man off camera eventually said, “Give him a break. He just fuckin’ got here.”

Several of the things said to and/or yelled at Carson Wentz at PHL Airport:

  • “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!” (obviously)
  • “You won’t even sign for me?”
  • “It’s gotta be crazy, man.”
  • “Come on, Carson.”
  • “You won’t sign for a season ticket holder?”
  • “Carson, there’s five of us.”
  • “You’re not lookin’ good on the news!”
  • “Come on, Carson, you’re better than this.”
  • “Woooooow.”
  • “He’s a prick, ain’t he?”
  • “Boo! Already! We’re gonna boo you already!”
  • “Come on! One each, Carson?”

Welcome to Philadelphia, Carson Wentz! If you’re any good, you can look forward to many, many more years of this.

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